Hallo there!

It's been a bit quitely round here of late. Don't let the lack of posts fool ya', we've been busy as hell over the last few weeks. Mainly -and get this - writing new songs. Here are some of the best bits:

We're putting on a day of live music and short films as part of the Zine-East Fringe festival, a pre-curser to the awesome East London Film Festival. This is going down as Agree In The Dark #3, so expect the usual free zine and intimate feel. This time however, we'll be setting up camp at The Griffin in Shoreditch. Also, Model Railway Exhibition will be bringing along some advanced copies of their brand spanking new EP, ...let's mek a vow (as well as playing).

We've also decided to make a couple of *cough* new tracks available via Bandcamp to celebrate the occasion. All at the very reasonable price of an email address and your mortal soul. Head over there now, have a listen and let us know what you think. Mixed by the man responsible for this (amongst other things).

Finally, we're in the process of moving home to a new website. You'll have to bear with us as we switch from one site to the other. When this site closes down we'll give you the signal. Don't ask what the signal is, you'll just know.

soooo... More soon, including flyer and more details about AITD #3.